Take a Class with Me!

Sandy River Delta ear birding

Since 2000, I have taught birding classes in the Portland area and have built a solid reputation as a knowledgeable, patient, and enthusiastic teacher. 

Due to the current pandemic, all classes are being held via the Zoom online meeting platform. While I hate being unable to bird with you in person, I am grateful to these two organizations for taking the leap online.

Topics include Birding from Home, Birding by Ear, Corvids, Owls, Warblers, Little Brown Birds, Birds of Prey, Waterfowl, and Bird Feeding. Most classes run 90 minutes, with Birds of Prey usually running 2 hours.

TreeSong Nature Awareness and Retreat Center classes. So many classes planned for 2021! Join their newsletter list for up-to-date listings!

Hoyt Arboretum classes. Join their newsletter to get up-to-date listings!

Hire me to teach a private class or lead your out-of-town birder guests on a local birding trip! Contact me for details.