Monday, October 22, 2007

Instant Gratification and the I-5 Corridor

When I drive between Portland and Seattle, as I did today, I have time to think. I have time to make lists, relandscape my garden, solve all my problems, and think about what to eat next, all while moving along at 75mph in cruise control. I return from trips full of ideas, full of inspiration and am eager to get the show on the road as soon as I return.

But do I always get that show on the road?

Not always.

Today is different. Today I decided to create a blog. Why today? Here's where the instant gratification part comes in......I am now the proud owner of a digital camera. Yes, it's true, they can stop selling them now because the last person on earth has finally bought one. Actually, I have my mother to thank for this camera.....we are both heading to Antarctica soon, though on different trips, and had decided that now was the time to move into the digital age since everyone else seemed so pleased with it. We both shopped, read reviews, and came to the conclusion that we wanted the same camera so here we are!

Anyway, I spent this morning at a dog park in Seattle with my aunt, Marg, and her doberman, Gatsby. Perfect opportunity to practice with the camera and try for some cool Dog Action shots. Gatsby ran and ran and ran and I shot and shot and shot and it was simply the coolest thing ever that I could look at the these shots RIGHT AWAY!

Right now, many of you are yawning "Uh, where has she been the past five years while the rest of us were basking in the glow of instant gratification?? Did she feel personally responsible for keeping Walgreen's One Hour Photo in the black??"

What else can I say except that old habits die hard.

So as I'm driving back south this afternoon I'm reminded of the words Michele has so gently uttered to me on several occasions.....YOU NEED TO HAVE A BLOG, LAURA!!!!! GET WITH IT AND GET A BLOG, LAURA!!!

I'm out of excuses......I have the camera, I have the computer, and I thought up at least a dozen future blog posts on the way home today. I just had to come to it in my own time, for my own reasons. I'll try to keep it up and post fabulous nature quizzes!!


OneWuff said...

Cool pooch shots! I still haven't been able to upload my own shots from my OWN computer to my blog....seems to take fer-freakin'-ever, so I find 'em elsewhere.
Welcome to the world of the semi navel-gazer (self included) where even the most random daily bits (as the British might say) are worth typing up and publishing...
Um, and where's the link on your blog to MINE? :-)

NW Nature Nut said...

I am so pleased that I hold such influence over you! I can't wait to read future blogs. I have added your page to my "favorites". Sign up for the StatCounter and you can see how often I obsessively check your blog for new posts.

KP said...

Congrats Laura. On the new camera. The new blog. And the dog park.

sl said...

You never cease to amaze me...first the computer, then cell and now...a blog. I must say it was fun reading. And now I know how your secret to solving life's challenges! I'll stay tuned.

Woman of Action said...

Laura, I love you and I love your blog. Can't wait for your thoughts on Dave Morey and 1986. I am proud to be your biggest fan. Think I'll change my name to "L. King Fan #1!!"