Monday, November 19, 2007

Godzilla Does Antarctica

The Sunday before I left I went out to breakfast with three friends. Somehow we got on to the subject of the movie Amelie and the subplot in which photos of a garden gnome standing in front of various European landmarks are sent to her father trying to encourage him to get out of the house and travel.

My friends said "You should take a gnome on your trip! One of those tiny ones we sell!"
That was out of the time, no space in the luggage. But I did start thinking.....What little item did I already own that could be fun to photograph in the snow?

And thus, Godzilla Does Antarctica was born.

Here's the big guy at rest before the adventure began.

I got lots of practice at the BA airport....trying different angles, different focus, arty crap and trying to make a two-inch high monster look like he was threatening downtown Buenos Aires.

This turned out to be a total blast. For one thing, I was NOT the only traveler who arrived with figurine in hand. Ben, one of the NYC crew, had arrived with, yes, JS Bach.

Ben is a creative guy, a designer, filmmaker, and he figured there had to be some way to make Bach in the Antarctic work. In fact, Godzilla and I participated in some of his filming....Bach confronting Godzilla on a cold mountain peak.....realistic stuff like that. His process is still, well, in process, but he promises to send around the final product and I will post it here.

So, in between posts about seals, whales, penguins and ice, I will be sharing the adventures of Godzilla in the Southern Hemisphere. What will happen next?!?!?!?!


NW Nature Nut said...

I can't wait for more adventures of Godzilla in Antarctica!

OneWuff said...

BirdNerd does dada! Otherwise known as "Godzilla as Accidental Tourist!"

luvmypup said...

Great idea! You have inspired me to take a "travel buddy" on my future trip to Ecuador. Hilarious!

Unknown said...

Hey, Didn't that Godzilla used to live in my basement before he moved to your house for his trip to Antarctica?