Sunday, December 16, 2007

Blog visitor curiosity

Ever since I added the Feedjit Traffic Map to my blog I've been curious about who's finding my page and how they did so. I know who a few of them are, Toni in Sydney, the Whites in England, friends and family in Portland and California, but who are my Canadian, Scottish and other Australian and North American visitors?! How did you find my page? Would you tell me who you are? You can make a comment without creating a Google account so, if you want to alleviate my extreme curiosity, please reveal yourselves!

Of course, if you wish to remain anonymous that's your right........darnit.

One super cool thing about Feedjit is that if you click on the world map and keep zooming in you can switch to satellite view and find your house. Nifty, eh? The little flags don't relate to where the actual person is, they seem to relate to an internet conduit or something; when I zoomed in on one of the Canadian ones it was in the middle of a forest........ I even zoomed in on Ushuaia, the Argentinian port where we left for Antarctica, and could look at the ships at the dock. I know there are other satellite services out there but this one is obviously the handiest for me. Take a look sometime!

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OneWuff said...

That IS fun! I see there's some server down on, like, Henry St. in Berkeley (in any event, near Shattuck). I even zoomed in close enough to see good ol' Kentucky--where I'll be this time next week, cuddling the newest foo!