Saturday, March 1, 2008

Unappealing Bird Food

This is a sad story.
It's a little gross, too.

Here goes.

A vendor from whom we purchase suet sent me a sample of a supplemental food that's a mix of dehydrated insects, vegetable matter and ground seeds.

I was instructed to moisten the meal with water then place it in an open tray for all comers to feast upon. Since I have regular warblers and wrens I thought this would be a snap to test.

However, here is a photo of the food NOT being consumed.
Even the starlings looked spooked by it. is what happens when one forgets that they have a covered bowl of wet, unappetizing bird food sitting on the kitchen counter under the heating vent.

Sorry, Skippy.......not gonna happen.


NW Nature Nut said...

This isn't a great ad for his product, fortunately he will probably never see this. That stuff is just weird. It probably costs an arm and a leg too. I can't wait to whip another batch of suet dough...and go owl prowling!

Laura W. said...

It's not supposed to be an's an account of the mold on my kitchen counter.

NW Nature Nut said...

Yes, I got that. You do have quite the experiment going there.

OneWuff said...

OMG, hilarious!! TOTALLY reminds me of when I was staying with you and baking up a storm and made some banana bread...or Pumpkin bread, something, and it sat on the counter for a number of days and you cut a piece, bit into it and nearly croaked, saying about the mold into which you'd just chomped, "Wow, I got the mother load!"
YOW! Yuck! Yikes! It's like arty cat food....usually, they hate the stuff.