Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bloggus Interruptus

I was already slim in my blog posts but now I've had an unfortunate setback. My home was burglarized the other night and my digital camera, all my binoculars and scopes and my external hard drive (music and photos) are gone. It was the worst thing to discover and I would never wish that sinking feeling on anyone. But ultimately, it's only "stuff" that can be replaced. Well, most of it.....the jewelry boxes are gone and they held many memories other than jewelry. Like the little book "The Little Fur Family" that was actually covered in soft fur.
Insurance proceedings begin next week and I must assign values to all these items. Not looking forward to it but this is why I have insurance. Any advice any of you have would be much appreciated.
Thanks for your good thoughts and I'll return to having blogworthy adventures as soon as I can!


NW Nature Nut said...

Please tell me you backed up your photos?! It is one of those hard things to keep up with, but whenever I hear about a computer crash (or theft!) I'm reminded why it is so good to keep on top of it. Good luck with the aftermath.

Warren Baker said...

My heart goes out to you Laura. It must be a terrible gut wrenching feeling.
Lets hope the scumbags who did it get theirs!!

Alan Tilmouth said...

That's so shit. I lost scope & bins once when a car was stolen and sweated for weeks as to whether the insurance would pay out.Luckily they did. Thanks for the comments on the 'girly' post they've been interesting.

Anders said...

Oh no!,
I don't know how I would cope with that. Horrible! I hope you can bounce back quickly. In the end it is just earthly matters that will be dust, just like all of us, but it's got to hurt nonetheless.

Be strong!/Anders

Heather said...

Oh Laura, I'm so sorry to hear about this! I came by for a post-February Backyard Bird Count high-five, but I see you've got other stuff to deal with right now. I hope the insurance company comes through for you, and I hope that you're doing all right.

Dawn Fine said...

Yikes...I just read this post a month after the fact...sooooo sorry...I hope that all things are recovered..but if not at least replaced.

Anonymous said...

That is horrible! Although the expensive equipment loss is great,I especially lament the loss of the Little Fur Family, as that was one of my favorite children's books (why would they take that?!)