Friday, February 28, 2014

Laura Still Goes Birding

My last post was December 20, 2010. I created this blog in 2007 as a way to show my photos from Antarctica, but once those were finished it became a way to share my birding trips in the northern hemisphere. Not that this was an original idea by any means, but my friends and family enjoyed it and I could toss out a few birding tips, too.

Then I met my Birding Associate. We began birding together and I blogged about our trips around the state. But eventually I felt like the blog had become a log of my romance, not of my birding. I slowed on taking photos, I didn't feel inspired, I just wanted to read blogs that weren't mine that had way better photos.

So I stopped. And got a dog. And got married. And got another dog. And quit my day job to become a copy editor, Yes, I really did.

My blogger friends have continued taking photos, posting, updating, and occasionally razzing me about my lack of posts. I even ran into one of my "fans" at a local refuge who asked me when I'd be posting again! So I am taking a shot at re-entering the blog world, to see if I can offer something unique, to reconnect with the virtual world, and to tap my creative side.

I hope you'll welcome me back! If you have any suggestions for blog posts I'd love to hear them. With my expanded class offerings at Audubon, I thought I could tie blogging and teaching somehow but I'm not sure how yet...but it'll happen!


Michele said...

Well, well, well! I love it :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,

Welcome back! I am going to point a birding friend to your post about Cabin Lake & suggest that stop on her upcoming Summer Lake trip.

Looking forward to more posts.

-Doug @ TRNWR.