Thursday, April 27, 2023

Can you help a new Wisconsinite out?

I uprooted myself from Portland, my home of 37 years, to move across the country, be near family, and experience a new environment and region. This was absolutely the right choice, and it's giving me the chance to reinvent myself. But it meant leaving some things behind, basic stuff like towels, dish soap, sponges, a broom, toilet bowl brushes... 

So I'm blatantly asking for your help! If you are able to choose something from my Amazon Wish List as a little house/apartment warming gift, I would be very grateful. There are home basics on the list as well as a few less basic things, so take your pick. It costs a lot to move, and then it costs more to build up the household again.

If you would rather send a gift of art, see my Etsy Favorites List

Thanks for considering it, and if I can help you out sometime, let me know! And if you're ever coming through Madison, drop me a line and we'll go birding!

Buddy and I set out on the road

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Working on it. Objects, not advice, are under study.