Sunday, December 30, 2007

Let the games begin!

My friend, Michele, and I are going to have a friendly competition to see who can count the most bird species in their yards in the month of January. We have set up some guidelines:

1) You can count any birds you can see from your yard. Could be flyovers or in your neighbor's yard, as long as you can see it from your yard. Will my neighbors think I'm spying on them?
2)You can count non-natives, introduced species.
3) They must be seen in the month of January.
4) You must see them, birding by ear doesn't count (crap). All birds are worth a point, but to keep it interesting, Owls will be worth 2 points. I hope my screech owl from several years ago makes a miraculous and fortuitous return. Since I can't bird by ear then the Barn Owl I hear from time to time will not be of any use to me!
5) Loser buys breakfast!

I totally copied Michele's entry nearly word for word and put a list on my sidebar, too. She's so smart. Keep track of our progress!!

1 comment:

NW Nature Nut said...

This will be fun! Maybe we can repeat it in the summer if we enjoy it. I'm looking forward to my breakfast on you, ha ha!