Saturday, April 12, 2008

Backyard Birds and Bees

Just when the weather got bee-yoo-tee-full I got sick. The yard cries for my attention but I am so sapped that I cannot attempt any labor......OK, so I did do a quick mow and dug up some infernal blackberry vines that threaten to take hold.....but that did me in for the day. So I sat down and continued to nurse myself back to health with cup of tea after Airborne after glass of OJ after cup of tea. I did have energy enough to push the button on my camera so here are some shots from the yard.

First, here's a video of the female Mason Bees getting all excited about their new, clean nest box.

And ONE and TWO and UP and DOWN and LOOK and EAT.......

Chickadee finally finds feeder full of sunflower

Flowering Currant

Female Mason that pollen on her hindquarters?

My favorite piece of yard Anglerfish.

Want bees? Get Rosemary. I have two huge trailing bushes and one upright one. They bloom throughout the year and are very attractive to bees of all kinds.

Point Reyes Ceanothus about to pop into bloom.


NW Nature Nut said...

Nice new look to the blog. I approve!! I knew you were playing sick to stay home and watch your bees! Just kidding. I like the video. I was thinking of about making my birdcam a beecam tomorrow. Is that mesh feeder bent, or was that an optical illusion?

Laura W. said...

Yes, the mesh feeder is doing The Twist. Can't remember how it got bent but it still works, of course. Oh my aching head....I'd better get more bedrest.....

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! I am so new to this but happy I found you. Your bees are fasinating!! I love birds but could not get over your bees. The pictures are amazing. I may have found another love. Can they survive in Michigan??
Hope you are feeling better real soon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're sick! I came to Rockford with a slightly sore throat, and Mary medicated me with Airborne, among other things. It did turn into a cold, but not a bad one, and so far I've kept it to myself, thank goodness.
Your title page is nice! We'll be home tomorrow.
It was easier to write this than to go to my webmail and do a real email.