Sunday, June 22, 2008

Odd and Ends

Some readers have wondered about the current status of my Mason Bees......they haven't been active for about a month now and the larvae are developing inside their cells. I bought an Observation House so that I could watch what happens.

I also had a few random shots left from my trip to Malheur NWR. Here are some of the lizards that we watched where there were no birds about.

And last, but not least, a few scenes from Burns. City girls giggle at places like this. We decided not to go in to see if they carried Premium Sunflower Chips.


NW Nature Nut said...

My bees had some tiny wasps flying around the blocks, so I covered them with some cloth and moved them. I think it might be predators. Our Malheur trip sure was fun!!

Anonymous said...

I love the lizard shots. I had to look them up to identify them. I came up with (top to bottom) Common Side-blotched Lizard, Northern Sagebrush Lizard, and Western Fence Lizard. How did I do? Are there prizes?

Laura W. said...

I think you got a perfect score! In fact, I had only IDed the Sagebrush and the Fence.....typical birder....only IDs the feathered ones, not their ancestors. No prizes this round....only the deep satisfaction you now feel knowing you got 100%.

Beverly said...

COOL Bee house!!! Thanks for the update!

One of these days, I'll save enough pennies to get some bee-houses.

And bat houses...and bird boxes, and a scope...and make that pond...and and and ...

but in the meantime, I sure do appreciate your adventures!!! Thanks again.