Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ice is nice

OK, back to our regularly scheduled of the deep deep South!
First off, here's a map of where exactly we went. For those of you who read about the recent sinking of an Antarctic cruise ship, they were in the Bransfield Strait near King George Island.

We were not able to stick to the planned itinerary of going down the Peninsula because there was so much ice (fast ice, to be exact) that landings would have been impossible. This was the first trip of the season for Quark and that is a risk they take.....not knowing how much ice is still holding fast to the shore. We stuck to the South Shetland Islands but did make one continental landing. I even got a certificate!

We saw lots of ice. Big, little, floating, towering. It's beautiful! We took Zodiac cruises to get close up views of icebergs.
Here are some of my favorite images of ice, big and small, as well as some great scenery.

Elvis, Nixon or Mike Doonesbury?

I'll post more photos tomorrow of seals, whales, birds and maybe more ice.


NW Nature Nut said...

Are those all photos you took? Incredible!! You are either a great photographer or you have a great camera or both! The blue colors are unbelievable!

Laura W. said...

Well, thanks! Yes, they're all my own photos. It was really hard NOT to take a good picture there....everything was always so perfectly lit and you just had to capture it all.

Marcia said...

Neither Nixon nor Elvis..definately that Doonesbury character..

Laura W. said...

Marcia, you're I added that choice to the caption. Thank you!!