Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My pal Marcia

Besides the opportunity to head to the southernmost region of our planet, this trip was special for another reason; I got to hang with my sister-in-law, Marcia. She and my stepbrother, Andy, have been married for a long time but, since we live across the country from each other, time together had been sparse. For the past three years the family has taken a trip together....first to the Sierras, then to Austria, and this past summer to Cape Cod. These trips began after the much-too-soon death of my other stepbrother, Miles T., because Miles R. chose to use the estate to get the family together every year. Bittersweet though it is, it's been so great to get to know my Brooklyn relatives!
It was during our week on Cape Cod that Marcia was offered an amazing deal on a trip to Antarctica by her friend, Darrel. She waffled, hemmed and hawed, freaked out a little, and finally said YES!. Then she looked at me and declared "And YOU will be coming with me!".
What could I say but YES!
I wasn't the least bit nervous about bunking with my new berthmate. She's a totally cool woman. I knew it would be great and it was.

She's not hung up on fashion

She takes risks...that's a tiny boat!

She smiles for pictures

She doesn't mind Godzilla going for her head

Animals like her

And let's not forget the Polar Plunge! Nope, no way did I do it.......I said yes then chickened out......but not M.....she donned her suit and new goggles then jumped into the polar sea. I filmed her so I don't have a photo, but here's another crazy person going for it.

So thanks, Marcia!! This was the trip of a lifetime!!

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Marcia said...

Feeling enitrely nostalgic, I will say that a better travel companion could not be had. Thank you, good soul and soul mate Laura, for 1)all the hysterically funny things that came out of your mouth both during your waking hours and while you were asleep, 2) knowing everything that I don't about birds and whales and teaching very patiently, 3) keeping our tiny bathroom immaculate and clean and taking the bottom shelf of the closet which meant regular squats while selecting clothes, and last but by no means least...4)never getting seasick thereby making moot the unappetizing possibility that I tend to you in your sickness, which I most certainly would have done soulmates and berthmates that we are. I am, however, extremely grateful not to have had that call to duty.

Your pal, berthmate and Antartic step-sister-in-law, Marcia