Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Biggest Twitch

Twitching, listing, ticking, chasing......all expressions referring to birders adding new species to their life list. Many birders try for a big month, a big year or a big day....seeing as many species as possible in a given time span and\or a given place (ie January Backyard Bird Count!).

All these contests seem mundane when you read this which absolutely, positively takes the cake, puts all others to shame and completely fascinates me. I will check in often to track their progress.....sooner than we think it will suddenly be December 2008.....where will they be, what will they need, will they break the record? Oh, the drama!


NW Nature Nut said...

This is great! How did you find them? I am definitely going to follow their adventure!

Laura W. said...

I read about it on The Birding Couple's post. Pretty amazing, eh?

NW Nature Nut said...

I see you added a Flicker! I got a Bewick's Wren today. (Cute little guy) Can't wait to make suet and see what happens!