Sunday, January 20, 2008

Suet Sunday

Today Michele and I made up a batch of suet dough from a recipe by Julie Zickefoose. Now, she gets bluebirds eating it but we're not hoping for that.....all we want is a better shot at winning the January Backyard Bird Count! Wait....we're competing against each other.....why are we helping each other? Because it's all about fun, of course!
The dough contains lard, peanut butter, cornmeal, oats, flour and some nuts we added just for grins. We hope it will bring in Varied Thrushes, warblers, wrens, and anyone else who happens by. However, when I arrived at her house, Michele triumphantly announced the arrival of a Varied Thrush just moments least I'd added Yellow-rumped Warbler this morning so we're still just 5 species apart.....practically neck and neck.

Michele's Thrush....creeping towards the tray of filberts where a squirrel was chowing down.

I got home and zoomed out to the yard to scatter suet dough all the tray feeders, on stumps etc. Soon the Yellow-rump was the hanging suet followed by a brief contemplation of the dough. I've seen two individuals today and both of them ended up in the tray for some dough. Yey!!

Then the spectacular Townsend's Warbler returned! I love this bird................

So striking.....

So quick.......

So stretchy!

Thanks, Julie, for the inspiration! Wish us luck on our contest!


NW Nature Nut said...

Check again...six species apart. I am going to play fair and not count the Kinglet since I didn't get a good look. BUT, look at the other new visitor this afternoon. Yipee! I love your Warbler photos. I am jealous. I tried to get some photos of the Townsends this afternoon, but he was too far away.

Anonymous said...

Hello from South Dakota...I just had sent email to Julie about the juncos scrapping over the dough, she said she had just had someone from Oregon raving about it too. Small world of bird folks! I am jealous of your warblers, nothing like that here, it is below zero this evening.
Seeing a Townsend's would be a special treat, that was my grandmother's maiden name, so my family has a special affinity for the creature. Growing up in the Adirondacs of NY and living in the Black Hills of SD, they just don't show up on the doorstep.
Good luck with your contest, I have an ongoing "Honor of the first Mt. Bluebird" thing with a couple of friends that happens in March.
Caroline Stafford

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! I had a Townsend's in the birdbath yesterday.