Sunday, June 1, 2008

I LOVE Marching Bands

And now, a detour from the usual bird and squirrel posts to bring you another passion of mine......Marching Bands! I'm a sucker for loud drums and uniforms and last night's Starlight Parade in downtown Portland provided my yearly fix.


OneWuff said...

Cool bands, and the parade was fun (but L-O-N-G!), and I coulda done without the train ride back w/the hoi got some good footage, though....

Beverly said...

Bands...bah! How are your bees???
[said with a huge smile, of course]

Hey Birdnerd...didja see this article in Audubon May-June?

For 'some' reason I thought of you and yours. How they doooin?


me ann my camera said...

It looks and sounds so exciting!