Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I'm a birdwatcher because birds are plentiful, easy to find and they make themselves known visually and vocally. The exact opposites of those reasons are why I'm not a mammal watcher; not as plentiful, trickier to find and tend not to make themselves known.....especially the predators. You really have to luck out to see a predator.

Do you see anything in the photo below? Click on it for a larger view.

In just about the center of the photo, looking away from the camera (shy) and showing its black and white ears is a Bobcat. See it now?

As we were glued to the window looking at it, this unsuspecting couple walked by. Just goes to show that even if you've never seen a Bobcat, one has definitely seen you.

Do you see the cat's black and white ears as it hunkers down in the grass?

Here we all are pressed against the glass.....

After awhile it sat up, walked towards us and focused its attention on something on the ground. It's still almost invisible!

Then someone (uh, it was me) banged her binocs against the glass, spooked it and it trotted off across the path, rolled on the ground a few times then disappeared. Every time we walked to the shore for the rest of the week we said "Hey, Bobcat" as we walked by that spot.


NW Nature Nut said...

I had to click on the first photo, but I could see it. Must be my extra good nature nut eyes. That is so cool! Amazing that it just hunkered down while people strolled by oblivious. Post some more, post some more.

Anonymous said...

Nice shots! Its quite comforting to contemplate the fact that mountain lions are probably doing the same thing when we walk by....... ; )

Anonymous said...

Very nice. It is encouraging to see that some critters are more abundant that it would appear. It makes me wonder how many great birds and other animals I have walked right by.

Beverly said...

Wow, what FUN! Thanks for sharing!