Monday, September 1, 2008

Northern California Coast

Here are more random shots from The Sea Ranch near Gualala, California. I don't have anything more as cool as the Bobcat story so Harbor Seals and Scenic Vistas will have to do.

Doesn't this rock look like the head of some creature? It was different from all the gray and almost scaly.

Beautiful Cypress Tree bent over from growing in the wind all these years.


Parimi said...

Looks like a volcanic rock..But strange to be in solitude.

Nice blog

Just browsing through


NW Nature Nut said...

Very pretty. Yes, that rock does look like a creature. Love the last tree photo too.

me ann my camera said...

All of your pictures are very beautiful with such natural light and colour. And I agree with you about the rock, I thought so even before I read your words. The Cypress trees are so inviting and mysterious both at the same time and the waves are awesome. Really, truly you have some wonderful pictures posted here.

OneWuff said...

Aww, good ol' N. Ca.....reminds me of my childhood romps on the Mendocino Coast, Irish Beach....cold, windy & rocky. That's what beach means to me....yes, great pix. Your new career....photojournalist. :-)