Monday, April 13, 2009

Birdcam and Ankeny NWR

Just a coupla shots from the Wingscapes BirdCam of a Townsend's Warbler and a Yellow-rumped Warbler on the suet feeder....boy, that Townsend's looks a little ragged.....

Yes, I do too have a yellow rump.

And a cute yellow bit on my head

Saturday I took my Beginning Birding 2 group to Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge south of Salem. Lovely day, no rain (that's how we judge 'em here) and about 55 species of birds. BEST bird of the trip was a Long-billed Curlew, a bird rarely found in the Willamette Valley. A very nice birder clued us in to its location and we all saw it easily. A new bird for much of the group!

Lots of pishing for a Common Yellowthroat.....first of the season for me.

Then we got to the spot where a Merlin entertained the group last year......and a Peregrine was perched there instead! Nice tradeoff!

The other benefit we received from the kindness of strangers was the news that Ospreys were just down the road at the river. I'd not been down that road so we went in search and were instantly rewarded with a pair on a nest right next to the road.

Good day at the refuge! Spring migrants are slowly coming in......and maybe my trees will bloom soon, too!


NW Nature Nut said...

Great osprey photos! I like the one where he is looking directly at you. My crabapple is budded. It won't be long!

Dawn Fine said...

Great photos ...the birdcam photos are great too.
Nice blog!

Warren and Lisa Strobel said...

We love our Wingscapes BirdCam! However, we seem to only attract thousands of Carolina Chickadees at the moment.

Hoping for a warbler....