Friday, May 15, 2009

Powell Butte and Bushtit nests

Every year we sell a boatload of packaged nesting materials at the Backyard Bird Shop and every year customers report it being taken by many species of birds. I, on the other hand, have watched many a wad of ideal material go green with algae in the spring rains never destined to line the nest of a chickadee or bushtit.
Last fall I bought a cat grooming tool called The Furminator (actually I bought the $12 version of that $50 tool) and groomed my cats. I could have built a whole new cat out of what I combed from Ruby but instead I packed it into a suet cage with some moss and hung it out for birds. Just the other day my first customer came along and pulled tuft after tuft from the cage and flew off into the trees with it. I've got to get the BirdCam on it but these came out just fine for the moment.

Busy Bushtits

Sunday, Mark and I went to Powell Butte in search of anything birdy but especially in search of Lazuli Buntings. We were rewarded with a bunting in the parking lot and several more throughout our walk. We saw this unusual Savannah Sparrow singing and defending territory against intruders. It has a white head with some yellow showing at the lores. Nifty!

In the woods that surround the open meadows of the butte we saw this wonderfully worked over snag with fresh Pileated Woodpecker work. Look how far down the tree it all goes! Surprisingly with all the woodpecker sign we saw we never heard a one.

Powell Butte (SE 162nd and Powell Blvd)is a great destination for a spring walk. On a clear day you can see many of the Cascades and the birdlife abounds. Pack a lunch and go!


NW Nature Nut said...

Wow! That Bushtit must be building a mansion! He (she?)sure was taking a lot of fur. Cute!

Dawn Fine said...

I must do that with my Ballies fur..he is a persian..his fur is so soft..I think many birdies would just love it1 Great idea!
And OMG those piliated wonder why they made so many?
We are going to be in Oregon in september..I think I should check out your Powell Butte.

pdxlisa said...

Great idea, I'm gonna put some nesting material in my suet feeder too.

NW Nature Nut said...

Laura: we just went up there today and I saw the same unusual Savannah sparrow! I got a few photos I will post later. It just occurred to me that you mentioned this on your post so I went back and checked. I guess that bird gets around!