Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ridgefield NWR Kiwa Trail

My mother and stepdad visited last week and I took them up to Ridgefield to walk the Kiwa Trail. Located within the River S Auto Tour route, the trail is closed for winter and has only been open a few weeks now. What a treasure!! I'd been there just once before and am most often up there in winter. We saw over 40 species of birds including Yellow-headed Blackbird (unusual west of the Cascades), Sora, Virginia Rail, Wilson's Snipe, Blue-winged Teal, Yellow Warbler and on and on and on. I highly recommend a trip to the refuge in spring.

My favorite Oak in Spring and in Winter


NW Nature Nut said...

That looks so nice! It makes me want to go, and soon. It sure is nice that you have a scope-packer!

Dawn Fine said...

That is an awesome tree! i will have to check out that trail when zi get to that area.
I was looking to subscribe to your blog by email but dont notice a link for that..