Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm back!!!

Hello Everyone!
Got back this morning and, of course, the first thing I wanted to do was upload all the fantastic photos I took in Antarctica! So for you, my viewing public, following are some choice moments to enjoy. It's a little jumpy....I just have so much to share!! Unlike previous posts these are all MY photos and videos. I love my camera!

I had a great time sliding down the hill on Deception Island. Did this about 10 times and my butt still hurts.

I did see all the Albatrosses I wanted to, including the Wandering Albatross. I also saw all the penguins, Chinstrap, Gentoo and Adelie, and I think the Adelie wins. We only saw two Adelies so perhaps that made it more special......

Gentoo Penguins

Adelie Penguin

Chinstrap Penguin

Our trip began on the afternoon of November 8 when we set sail from Ushuaia, Argentina, and set out through the Beagle Channel and into the Drake Passage.

Beagle Channel
The Drake is legendary for its rough and unforgiving waters but we were fortunate to have water like glass.

Cape Petrel and mirror effect

I spent time on the stern watching the birds following our ship. When the first Wandering Albatross showed up I was totally excited.....10-11 foot wingspan!

We spent two days crossing the Drake in open water and then we got close enough to Antarctica to see our first iceberg. It was ghostly.

There was a contest as to exactly what day and time we'd see our first one and the winner received a tasty bottle of champagne. Nope, wasn't me.

Well, that's going to have to hold you for awhile......this uploading is exhausting. But stay tuned for more fun videos and photos!


OneWuff said...

Oh, COOL!! I love the mpeg of my sporty buddy sliding down the mountain of snow....TOTALLY reminds me of Minneapolis (the sliding, not everything else). WAY cool (literally). I eagerly await further posting.....

NW Nature Nut said...

You look SOOOOO happy in the video...I could feel your happiness. How fun! Post more soon! Your fans are waiting....

KP said...

Awesome laura. I love Godzilla. And penguins. You are my new hero.

emgemm said...

WOW! You are the coolest, literally speaking i guess, for making it to antartic and back. Glad you went and had a blast, Godzilla must of had a fun time too!