Sunday, March 16, 2008

Berkeley in March

Besides doing a bit of birdwatching while I was in Berkeley last week, I also tried to take lots of photos of things I love and remember about the town in which I grew up. March in Portland is gray, March in Berkeley was sunny and 70 degrees. I swear I get more and more nostalgic each time I go home. So here are some photos of yards and houses and stores from around town.

Mom and Miles' house

The view is spectacular

Lots of blooms in the back yard

Freesias.....I wish the internet had smell so you could inhale their sweet scent. Mom puts them in vases all around the house and the aroma is with you all the time.

Super gourmet land at the Market Hall

This Starbuck's used to be Ortman's Ice Cream. With my precious 10 cents I used to buy a small slush on the way home from school. Or bubblegum ice cream.

The name escapes me now but these are great hummingbird plants. In the Bay Area climate everyone has fields of plants that are considered practically tropical by Portland standards.

I just liked these houses.

What exactly is Cop Porn and why tag it on the post office?

This funny little building with its English country shingled roof has always mystified me.

Berkeley is all about oaks.

Finally, just a really neat sign.

As always, a very cool town. Don't know if I'll ever live there again but it's only an hour's flight away.


KP said...

I think those orange flowers are called Montbretia's.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Why would anyone live anywhere else?

Laura W. said...

I ask myself that same question every time I go back.

Seth and Michelle said...

Sounds like a pretty cool trip. Makes us want to visit there! I haven't been there in many years, though I always liked it. Also, great photos. It's always fun to see birds from other areas. Thnaks!

OneWuff said...

AWWWWW!! ("Memories....light the corners of my mind....misty water-colored memories....of the way we were....") **snif**
***HONK*** (Okay, big nose-blow there...)

SERIOUSLY! How sweet! No shots of the First Unitarian Church o' Berkeley (really in Kensington, as we know) but really, you got it all. Yes, it will always be home! And good ol' Ortmans.....remember MacFarland's (isn't that what the other ice cream place was called?)

Laura W. said...

No but I did get a shot of the fire station at Marin and The Alameda. :)

NW Nature Nut said...

Awhh, a glimpse into your childhood. I like it.

me ann my camera said...

What a very nice tour of a lovely and interesting place!